Serra Village has been perfecting the standards of excellence in Elder Care throughout the Ohio Valley since its start in 1970.

As lifestyle choices have changed over the years, we have grown along with our Elder population earning the distinction of being one of the very few complete Elder Care Communities. Our skilled staff and support personnel provide a wide range of nursing services and certified activity professionals to ensure the best delivery of care and quality of life – for the rest of your life.

Serra Village has the ability to meet each individual at any level of care and transition smoothly to a new level when those needs change. As a complete Elder Care Community, we encompass Independent Living at Grandview Terrace, Serra Manor’s Assisted Living, 24-hour skilled and non-skilled care at the Weirton Geriatric Center, and specialized care at Golden Acres for those affected by Alzheimer’s and other memory impairments.

Residents of our community are served with the understanding that each and every person is different, with specific needs and beliefs. This type of care requires much more than the medical approach would expect – for us it’s how the Legacy of Caring was built.

The legacy of caring for adults began in 1970 at the Weirton Geriatric Center in Weirton, WV. Since then, other facilities and needed services were developed to accommodate adults and their loved ones.

The facilities and services operated at Serra Village include:

All services and facilities are operated and staffed with skilled professionals. For personal care and pleasant accommodations, consider the Serra Village Retirement Community.

Conveniently located near all area hospitals, physician offices, shopping plazas, and recreational facilities, Serra Village Retirement Community is easily accessible for frequent visits by friends and family. A wheelchair bus and wheelchair van are provided for resident use.

For more information regarding our services and accommodations, call (304) 723-4300 or (304) 723-3160. Tours and resident evaluations are available at no cost.


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